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About Destination

Plitvice Lakes National Park Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest and most visited national park in Croatia. It was declared a national park in 1949. It consists of 16 lakes, divided into upper lakes (12) and lower lakes (4). The upper lakes overflow into the lower lakes through foaming cascades and waterfalls. The park features a beautiful forest, the turquoise waters of Plitvice, and numerous fish species.

Due to its expansive forest, exceptional natural beauty of lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, mountain air, color contrasts, forest paths, and wooden bridges, UNESCO declared Plitvice Lakes National Park a World Natural Heritage site in 1979.

Northern Velebit National Park Northern Velebit National Park is located within the boundaries of the "Velebit" Nature Park. "Velebit" Nature Park covers an area of 2,200 km2, stretching from Vratnik Pass in the northwest to the Zrmanja Canyon in the southeast, spanning a length of 145 km. It borders the Adriatic Sea to the west and is surrounded by Gacko, Lika, and Gračačko polje with the rivers Gacka, Lika, and Otuča on the mainland. "Velebit" Nature Park is the largest protected area in Croatia, recognized for its natural values and importance for biodiversity preservation. In 1978, Velebit was included in UNESCO's network of international biosphere reserves. Within the boundaries of the Nature Park lies Paklenica National Park. In the southern part of the Nature Park Velebit, you can find the Cerovac Caves, among the most famous and significant cave systems in Croatia.

Nikola Tesla Memorial Center The Nikola Tesla Memorial Center is located in Smiljan, the birthplace of the scientist Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest geniuses in history. It consists of historical and newly constructed buildings. Here, you can visit Nikola Tesla's birth house, the Church of St. Peter, and a playful replica of Tesla's laboratory from Colorado Springs, where he stayed from 1899-1900. You can also see replicas of his inventions in his birth house. This place is ideal for all generations, especially for children, to inspire their curiosity and love for science.

Grabovača Cave Park The Grabovača Cave Park is located in the area of Perušić. It is the ONLY cave park in Europe, covering an area of 1.5 km2. It comprises 8 caves and 1 pit. Samograd Cave is the most famous speleological feature in the cave park. The entrance to Samograd Cave resembles a cathedral, and a staircase carved by hand into the limestone runs along its entire length. The edges of the park are crossed by the Lika River, Croatia's largest subterranean river, with a length of 78 km.

Gacka Valley and Majerovo Vrilo Gacka Spring is the third largest subterranean spring in the world. Its water is clear and rich in oxygen. Gacka is abundant in brook trout, making it a popular spot for anglers. The two largest sources of Gacka are Majerovo Vrilo and Tonković Vrilo. Majerovo Vrilo is a place of exceptional natural beauty, with greenery, peace, meadows, the blueness of the river, the sound of water, and the clatter of an old millstone. Majerovo Vrilo is one of the sources of the Gacka River, and it is a place where you can explore old wooden mills that have fed the entire region for centuries.

Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary Kuterevo is home to a bear sanctuary that provides shelter for bears who lost their mothers when they were too young to care for themselves. It's an ideal destination for animal lovers and is located near Otočac.

Dolina Jelena Ranch Dolina Jelena Ranch is a unique open-air zoo. The ranch covers 15 hectares and is home to over 100 wild animals. Here, you can feed and interact with deer, roe deer, and fallow deer.

Gacka Fish Farm In the Gacka Valley, you can find the Gacka Fish Farm, where you can get fresh trout and various trout-based products.

Adventures and Activities:

  • "Pazi Medo" Zip Line: Located in Rudopolje, this is the longest zip line in the area. It offers an exciting experience for adrenaline seekers.
  • Kayaking on the Gacka River: Enjoy the beauty of the Gacka Valley from a kayak. It's a fun activity for both adults and children.
  • Quad Biking: Explore the untouched forested nature along the Gacka River on a quad bike. The terrain is suitable for all levels of experience.
  • Transparent Kayaking: Ideal for observing the underwater world, transparent kayaking allows you to see the river's flora and fauna beneath the surface.